Leah Haney CV

BFA 2010 Studio Art The University of Texas

Areas of Specialization: Painting, Printmaking


Solo Exhibitions

2015  * Quantum Splendor,  The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

2015  *New Works: Leah Haney, Bass Concert Hall, Austin TX

2015  * Bend, The Riverbend Gallery

2014 *Super Realms, The Owl, Austin TX

2013 *A Perfect Perversion, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

2013  * Divergent Space: New works by Leah Haney, Tiny Park, Austin, TX

2012 *New Works: Leah Haney, AMOA/Art House, Austin, TX

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Xanadu, Northern Southern, Austin TX

2014 AHOM,  The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

2013 Crystal Bash, Women and Their work, Austin, TX

2013  5×7, Art House, Austin, TX

2012 Greatest Hits, Tiny Park, Austin, TX

2012 Drawing Annual, Tiny Park, Austin, TX

2012 5×7, Art House, Austin, TX

2011 Monster Show, Domy Books, Austin, TX

2011 East, The Willow House, Austin, TX

2011 5×7, Art House, Austin, TX

2010 Springboard, Art Post, Austin, TX

2010 East, Art Post, Austin, TX

2010 Kaleidoscope, Art Post, Austin, TX

2010 Senior BFA Show, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX



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2015 Seaholm Project Open Artist Call Winner

2013 Austin Critic’s Choice Award Nominee Artist of the Year

2012 AVAA Artist of the Year 2D, Austin, TX

2010 Roy Crane Award for Creative Excellence



2011- Present,  Mass Gallery